Our Mission

Brooklyn RISE Charter School builds the knowledge, habits, and mindsets for academic success, ensuring all Kindergarten through 5th grade students are on the path to college.


College Prep Academics

Our work begins with the steadfast conviction that all children should have access to and can succeed in a rigorous college preparatory school environment regardless of economic status, zip code, race, family education level, or home language. We plan to provide college preparatory academics to all of our students at Brooklyn RISE.


Longer School Day & School Year

We believe that students need more time to acquire the knowledge, habits, and mindsets for academic success. We will provide an extended school day and school year to ensure all students are getting the time in school they need to be successful.


Focus on reading, Writing, & Speaking

We believe strong literacy is the foundation of all academic success. We will provide extra time for our students to engage in reading, writing, and speaking everyday.


Character Education

We believe that, along with academic knowledge and skills, students can and should be developing character and leadership skills while in elementary school. Strong character skills and a sense of self-efficacy are directly linked to a student’s ability to set ambitious goals and to do the work required to achieve those goals.

Our RISE values are Resilience, Integrity, Scholarship, and Enthusiasm.


Culturally Responsive

We believe in acknowledging and celebrating the diverse cultures of our school community and the greater community that surrounds us. We know that diversity is strength and we are committed to encouraging our students to strengthen their own cultural identity while also learning about and celebrating the cultural identities of others.


Partnerships with Families

We believe that families are key partners in ensuring the academic and character growth of our students. To truly partner with families, there must be ongoing, consistent communication that goes both ways, so that we work together to place all students firmly on the path to college.


Small Group Instruction

We believe that all students can achieve at high levels when they are given the attention and targeted supports that they need. Our two-teacher model in every classroom allows us to provide at least two hours of small-group instruction for every student, every day. This allows us to meet each student where they are academically and provide them with the supports they need to be successful.


Science Everyday

We believe that students should have the opportunity to do science everyday. Inquiry-based science is filled with hands-on investigations that allows students to develop critical thinking and cooperative working skills.