Is this a public school?

Yes. We are a public, tuition-free, charter school. School operations are funded through public dollars and we are held accountable for the commitments that we make to students and families in our charter.  We are open-enrollment and can enroll students from across the community.

Where will your school be located?

For the first two years of operation, we will be located at 475 53rd St., 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11220. We are in the process of finding our “forever home” building that will house our full K-5 school.

Will your school offer enrichment classes?

YES. At Brooklyn RISE we believe creativity and curiosity is important. We will offer Art and Science in year one with a commitment to add more classes as we continue to grow.

Will your school support Special Education and English Language Learner students?

YES. We are 100% committed to serving and supporting all students with all degrees of need. Our two-teacher inclusion model provides for targeted, small group supports throughout the day. Each classroom has at least one teacher with Special Ed or ELL specialized experience and/or certification. We will contract with service providers for any additional supports needed.

Is your school dual-language?

No. We are offering an inclusion-model school, based on the Sheltered English Immersion model. We will recognize, celebrate, and support all home languages, but classroom instruction will be exclusively in English. Our school lottery will give preference to families whose home language is not English.

Will your school have certified teachers?

All teachers at Brooklyn RISE will be certified or on-track to receiving their certification. We will prioritize hiring highly-qualified, certified staff.

What makes your school special?

We are a small-school option with smaller class sizes. We have an extended school day and school year. We prioritize academics, character education, and creating culturally responsive learning environments. We offer daily STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics) and a focus on literacy.

How is your work community-based?

We have attended community events, worked with community organizations, and listened to hundreds of families in the community about what they want in school options for their children. We are committed to continued partnerships with families and the community.